Chris the Little Christmas Tree by Sheila Kelzke

Hi!, my name is Sheila Kelzke and I am the writer of the amazing story of Chris the Little Christmas Tree. I have written this story book based on Chris’s actual account of his first Special Christmas. (He does tend to exaggerate) It’s a story book that will enhance the spirit of Christmas for all of us. It’s an uplifting Christmas story, full of hope, joy and destination. It also tells the story of a little girl “Shelley” who wants her Grandma to regain her lost Christmas spirit. It’s about family values. It’s about everything and everyone having a place and purpose in life.

Hopefully Chris’s story will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, with an overwhelming sense of new found Christmas spirit, joy and good will to all mankind. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working with Chris in writing his truly amazing story.

Yours sincerely ( I love Christmas )
Sheila Margaret Kelzke

Special thanks to Rob for bringing the story to life with his amazing illustrations.

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