Sheilla Spice - She'licious Food Photography Book


The Sheilla Spice MY WAY She'licious Food Photo Book has over 200 pages of my personal food photo library.

For the first time ever I am sharing my treasured food photos, hundreds of beautifully presented and photographed meals, pizzas, soups, desserts, salads, delicious cakes and so much more, that will inspire you to create beautiful food yourself. This is not a recipe book, it is a food picture book. There are no written recipes in my book, most recipes are in my head and are always evolving with time and taste.

My Way inspiration food photo book of how to present simple food to look as good as it tastes. So if you're an aspiring foodie that loves to create and present great food for the ones you love then this book is for you, loads of visual ideas on how to present simple food to make an impact.

Over 200 pages of 
food photography

My food photography book contains over 200 pages of ‘my way’ food ideas photography created on my lifetime food exploration journey. I have experimented with thousands of 'my way' recipes, preparing, presenting and photographing meals, desserts, pizzas, salads, soups, cakes and all kinds of treats, savoury and sweet alike that are my favorites to date. The Sheilla Spice She'licious 'my way' food photography book has been a labour of love and I hope you download a copy for inspiration in your kitchen.

Presentation is the icing on the cake 
Presentation of food is important, if it doesn’t present well on the plate then you have not done yourself or food preparation the justice it deserves. I work creatively to achieve delicious food outcomes and put the same effort into the presentation of it. It's personally satisfying 'the icing on the cake' and I am really proud of my accomplishments and wish to share my food idea photos with you to enjoy and be inspired by.  

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Chris the Little
Christmas Tree

Hi, my name is Sheila Kelzke and I am the writer of the amazing story of Chris the Little Christmas Tree. 
I have written this story book based on Chris’s actual account of his first Special Christmas. (He does tend to exaggerate) It’s a story book that will enhance the spirit of Christmas for all of us. It’s an uplifting Christmas story, full of hope, joy and destination. It also tells the story of a little girl “Shelley” who wants her Grandma to regain her lost Christmas spirit. It’s about family values. It’s about everything and everyone having a place and purpose in life. Hopefully Chris’s story will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, with an overwhelming sense of new found Christmas spirit, joy and good will to all mankind. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working with Chris in writing his truly amazing (adventure) story. 

Makes a great Christmas Gift

Bring a tear to your eye
and warmth to your heart

 My story book is uplifting, it’s the story of Chris the Little Christmas Tree, a Christmas Tree that was too little for people to want for their special Christmas Tree and went unnoticed in the Christmas Tree buying frenzy, but as is the magic of Christmas his lonely, sad life would change for the better. Believe me when I tell you I had tears in my eyes writing this story, but most of them were tears of joy, so if you love Christmas as much as I do, I encourage you to read Chris’s Special Christmas Miracle Story.

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