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She’licious My Way Recipe Picture Book

Hello. The reason for having my own website came about when I started to collate some of my many recipe photos created over many years into a picture book. Publishing my book to print was far to expensive and risky. Being an unknown person the chance of someone purchasing my book and making a profit or even breaking even was a long shot at best, digital publishing of my book and distribution via website download was a better “My way” of sharing with you delicious meal and treat yourself recipe photos, most are simplicious (simple to make, delicious to eat) recipes with a sprinkling of some more challenging ‘proven recipes’ that are well worth the extra effort and will put a smile on your face.

Tried and tested photographed recipes

Trial and error has been ‘my way’ to finding what works and what doesn’t, over my lifetime I have created a collection of recipes for main meals, desserts, cakes and everything in between, tried and tested recipes that I believe you will inspire you to having a go yourself and find the creative you in the kitchen and enjoy food preparation, eating and sharing with your friends, loved ones and family.

My way inspired recipe photos

I have been inspired by many cook books and their amazing authors, I acknowledge their contribution in making me the person I am today. My picture cook book contains ‘my way’ original recipe photos, ‘my way’ versions of recipes discovered on my lifetime food exploration journey. I love experimenting with recipes, preparing, presenting meals and treats that make me feel good about myself and in the process are enjoyed and complimented on by my friends and family.

Presentation is the icing on the cake

I love to create, not just cook, so it would be remiss of me not to mention that the presentation of food is important, if it doesn’t present well on the plate then you have not done yourself or food preparation the justice it deserves. You’ve worked hard to achieve delicious food, just put the same effort into the presentation of it and you will be personally satisfied and really proud of you accomplishments. I hope my recipe picture book inspires you to create food worthy to photograph and share with others.

Remember without a photograph it’s just a distant memory. Food lasts for minutes, a photograph is forever.

Sheilla Spice – all things nice.

Sheilla Spice – All things nice

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